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Energie in het OV

The electricity grid around cities is overloaded, which hinders development. This overload can be solved by using the electricity grid intended for public transportation. Strukton Group and Innovatief Vastgoed have approached Clarify to help them convey this message in a simple and clear way.

In the animation, the city is visualized as a collection of lanterns connected to power outlets. The lanterns that light up in white are connected to the regular network. The lanterns that light up in blue are connected to the network intended for public transportation. This creates a visual distinction while still maintaining harmony.

Art direction
Paul Goos

Paul Goos, Wies van der Wal

Gert Buist, Paul Goos, Evert van der Veen

Gert Buist, Evert van der Veen

Joris van den Berg

Project done at Clarify.