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Dutch nature and its birds are not doing well. The Provincial States and water board elections in March 2023 were an important moment to bring about change. Vogelbescherming Nederland and BKB approached Clarify to help them convey this message clearly.

During the development of the style, the focus was on ‘the campaign bird.’ This bird is friendly yet simple and modern: I tried to strike a balance between playful and serious shapes. By giving the bird some human attributes, such as the ability to speak and using its wings as hands, the character becomes relatable.

Art direction
Paul Goos

Paul Goos, Natalia Jimenez Osorio

Gert Buist, Paul Goos, Evert van der Veen

Gert Buist, Evert van der Veen

Joris van den Berg

Project done at Clarify.